Friday, April 7, 2017

The Furrbaby

Thank you Draco.

This handsome furry feline has actually helped me into Motherhood four years ago without me realizing it. I've had him for 4 years and he still wakes me up multiple times through out the night to eat and/or get a drink. (Because water bowls are not a thing unless mommy and daddy aren't home to turn on the sink...thank God water is included in our rent.) Sometimes it's just for cuddles or because daddy accidently rolled onto him and he needs to escape to higher ground. Or because he isn't feeling good and comes to lay with me before puking all over my side of the bed, the second I get up to pee...

What I lovely thing to return to at 4 am this morning. And does the husband wake up? Nope.

Which honestly baffles me... Have you heard a cat puke before? It's not quiet... Or immediate. It's loud and the process takes a good minute and a half. Plus he did it twice.

Anyways... I love you Draco. Thank you for helping mommy out and at least I know I'll have someone up with me when Ryleigh gets up. lol.

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