Wednesday, March 29, 2017

9 AM Coffee

This Friday will mark 29 weeks into my first pregnancy, with a little girl (we think, I mean...they've been wrong...Oh please don't be wrong!). Now it doesn't matter which app I look at they all say I am in my third trimester! Woooooo! Almost there!

Now, I've always had issues with being anxious, not enough to require medication (I don't think anyway, I've never asked) but enough to have bitten a hole through my lip over the course of the last week. But how could I not be anxious? My NP mentioned that I was measuring 4 weeks behind and my new DR I am switching to is concerned, so also on Friday I will be seeing my baby on the big (ish)screen, to make sure she is growing and not falling behind. Around week 20 they discovered I had a two vessel cord and that it could interfere with her growth later in the pregnancy, while also being told "You're young, healthy, and at the prime age for childbirth. I wouldn't be concerned unless you were an older parent." Instead of my NP being concerned with the sudden fall back of my daughter's growth, she said "It looks like you're going to have a small baby."

Image result for emperor kuzco quotesMy sarcastic self had an "Emperor's New Groove Moment." Turns out my new Doctor does believe this could be an issue. Plus side; ultrasounds are my favorite part of DR's appointments. :-) So getting to see my little one again this Friday, makes me very happy & of course anxious at the same time!


It's nearing the end of October. Our move is in exactly ONE MONTH! In one month I need to pack, clean, sell, organize, prioritize... And...