Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Growing Humans is hard!

I am nearly 31 weeks pregnant now and I am definitely feeling it. Yes, I'm aware "it's only going to get worse." Which is an odd way to bond with one another.

"Yeah I know this sucks, it's going to suck more soon." -Woo, right on! Can't wait to feel worse later... Not.

I am also guilty of saying this to those I know who got pregnant after I did. I need to be more mindful of it... Just let people vent. This shit is hard! Growing humans is hard! Your body is changing every day for over 9 months, your hormones are all over the place, food tastes weird or better than it ever has... And Heaven forbid we glance down at the scale at DR's appointment...

"WTF?! I have never been this heavy in my life!"

We spend so much time telling others "It's going to get worse." But also that they are not allowed to complain, feel tired, be uncomfortable, or inform someone that they need to start wearing deodorant... That we are creating life and should feel blessed because of the woman who would do anything to be in our shoes right now or who lost a child unexpectedly. Believe me, I am not trying to invalidate your feelings... But you are trying to invalidate mine, and honestly... That's not fair either.

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