Monday, May 8, 2017

I Hate Waiting!

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On Saturday at 34 weeks +1 day, I began feeling a horrible aching in my lower back. No position I changed to, no amount of heat applied, NOTHING helped to relieve it. After 2 hours of it coming and going I decided to call the Doctor. I went in and of course the pain stopped! Great... Thanks... Why is that a thing? I swear I was in pain all that morning! And now suddenly I'm OK, just tired. And Ryleigh is healthy and happy and wiggling around trying to get comfortable.

They came to the conclusion that it is probably kidney stones... And found out I'm also dilated about 1.5 cm. Well, that's good to know. I believe I have entered the part of first time pregnancy where every pain, new symptom, or lack of movement from my girl, will cause me to freak out and want to go into the doctor. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

We still have 6 weeks to go until my due date. And thankfully I am now having DR appointments every week. That does ease my anxiety a bit however, now I am curious about labor. And like the cable guy we can expect she will be here any time between 10 am today through the end of June. :-)

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