Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Uncharted Waters

I sit in my office chair, feeling my unborn daughter move and kick and press against me (sorry Mommy has a small torso baby girl), reading pregnancy, parenting, and birth blogs. Anxiously and not so patiently trying to get through these next few weeks by reading, writing, and trying to find the funnier and lighter side of posts because, lets face it, we all know what is possible and I do not wish to worry about that right now. I want to read about the 4 am sleep walking and eating a pop tart because it just couldn't wait 3 more hours until the alarm went off. I want to hear about getting excited about balancing a cup or a plate on your belly for the first time. (Totally happened recently! :-) )

I am nervous and excited and antsy and a million different things. When will she be here? Will I go early? Will I go late? Will I have a short or long labor? Will my mom be able to get on a plane in time?

Oh-so many questions and it's hard when your family lives 1100 miles away in Arizona. I'm also working all the way up until my due date (Half days starting the 30th of this month). Which is helpful and at least if I go into labor at work, we are super close to the hospital and I have an amazing support system with my coworkers.

The reason I can't stop thinking about it, relax, and just enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy... When, where, and how are all out of my control. This is unknown, uncharted, waters I am entering here and I am scared.

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